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Apr 28, 2019

On today's daily tech podcast, I want to explore the timely topic of biometric authentication. Recently, Jumio – the global leader in online identity verification and biometric authentication – launched Jumio Authentication.

This new video-selfie authentication tool enables users to verify themselves during high-risk transactions and unlock everything from online accounts to rental cars, replacing passwords on any device. Passwords, multi-factor authentication, and knowledge-based authentication are no longer reliable methods as a result of ongoing data breaches.

Most modern businesses do not know with any kind of certainty that the person creating a new online account or logging into an existing account is the person they’re claiming to be – and this is where Jumio Authentication provides a solution.

Jumio president, Robert Prigge joins me on the podcast to discuss the impact biometric authentication will have on the digital landscape, why 2FA and KBA are slowly dying, and how organizations seeking to establish a digital chain of trust with their users need to consider biometrics.

Robert serves as Jumio’s president where he is responsible for all aspects of Jumio’s business. He previously served as Jumio’s Chief Revenue Officer, leading all customer-facing activities including sales, marketing, and support. Prior to Jumio, Robert was the Chief Sales Officer for Gartner Cool Vendor Infrascale as well as Chief Commercial Officer for Kleiner-Perkins’ finance platform CPF.

He also served as the VP of Global Sales & Marketing for the Sterling Commerce Division of AT&T through its $1.4 billion dollar acquisition by IBM. An expert in global business, he is fluent in Japanese and has lived overseas for nearly 15 years.