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Apr 30, 2021

Samer Al Moubayed is the CEO of Furhat Robotics, one of the world's fastest-growing social robotics companies. Furhat's 'Social Robot' is highly customizable and allows for building very sophisticated robot personalities.

Companies such as Disney, KPMG, and Honda are already utilizing Furhat for employee training scenarios, HR purposes, and day-to-day operations with customers. It also comes with its own SDK and flexible development platform which allows each individual unit's "personality" and capabilities to be tailored to desired functions.

As a former specialist for robotics R&D at Disney, Samer has learned very early on in his career that robots can also be more than mere appliances or tools. They can be beloved, helpful companions for even the smallest or most vulnerable members of society. It's this exact thought on which he founded his company Furhat Robotics in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2016 after his time with Disney.

About Furhat Robotics:
Headquartered in Sweden, Furhat Robotics are pioneers in social robotics, where robotics technology meets a sophisticated, adaptive language AI capable of picking up social queues and communicating in real-time over forty languages.

The newest line of robots has a built-in camera with facial recognition software and a silica mask that uses projected, customizable facial animations to make the interaction between humans and machines as lifelike and seamless as possible.

However, the plans Samer and his team of visionaries have for their growing invention do not stop merely providing services for businesses. They are currently looking into the field of psychology as well, where they conduct experiments in empathic capability to ultimately be able to use their creation in child psychology and assist with care for patients with Alzheimer's or dementia.