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Nov 29, 2020

Leadfeeder is a startup based in Helsinki, Finland. Their roots are deep in web analytics and have been the successful pioneers of web analytics technology development in Northern Europe. Their mission is to bring web intelligence into a business. Leadfeeder CEO Pekka Koskinen joins me in a conversation about lead generation technology.

Pekka shares his vision for lead generation technology, which includes using AI to pinpoint the exact moment across that journey for the salesperson to engage based on the purchase intent of the prospect.

He also shares a variety of lead generation tips, including why the need to focus on the first party and not third party intent data. Third-party intent data is interesting, but build the foundations based on your data.

The company recently announced that Pipedrive selected and integrated Leadfeeder's AI-powered, lead automation technology as a key component to Pipedrive's new lead generation and management toolset LeadBooster 2.0 announced in Fall 2020.

I also learn more about the latest news and developments with Leadfeeder and how they have experienced 70 percent year on year growth.