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Mar 30, 2020

For an Internet in flux, Web 3.0 takes on new meaning in its imagined proposition of a far more synergistic, secure, and ultimately trustless economy. And yet, having not truly witnessed the arrival of a breakout application or critical mass, it seems that the investment thesis for Web 3.0 is getting ahead of reality - or is it?

LongHash Ventures, the global blockchain incubator, and investor is laying down the building blocks of a native Web 3.0 blockchain economy. With the LongHash Hatch Program having raised over $11 million to date, LongHash Ventures is committed to catalyzing the growth of the next generation of blockchain startups. Shi Khai, Chief Operating Officer at LongHash Ventures, and a former management consultant at McKinsey have an intimate knowledge of the intersection between real-world deployment and technical innovation. With an eye on the practical nuance of Web 3.0 adoption.

In today's edition of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, Shi Khai shares insights on unpacking Web 3.0 and reinventing the legacy of the Internet for purpose and profit. On the subject of adoption, we discuss how blockchain is already building a community for it. We also explore the dichotomy between 'Don't be evil' and 'Can't be evil';

As a global blockchain incubator and investor, I also ask how blockchain startups can make their startups attractive to investors and join the Web 3.0 blockchain native economy.