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Jul 12, 2019

On today's podcast, we have a fantastic tech story. The founders of Origin are Chris Prucha (ex-Apple) and Joel Ong (ex-Google). They had the vision to change manufacturing as we know it by making 3D printing (or additive manufacturing as it's known in manufacturing) viable mass production.

By leveraging the powers of mass computation and mass connectivity to the opportunity to make parts, they are aiming to help manufacturers build better products at a lower cost, more sustainability, and to help get products to underserved remote places throughout the world.

Origin came out of stealth late last year. On, May 20th, the company unveiled its new commercial-grade 3D printer. They also recently announced a partnership with one of the world's leading shoe brands. Chris Prucha joins me to share their story and how they are changing the world of manufacturing with 3D Printing.