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Mar 28, 2020

Dmitriy Akulov is a tech innovator and entrepreneur whose story is plagued with war and innovation. At 26, the young entrepreneur has earned a name for himself within the world of technology. But I wanted to learn more about his inspirational story.

Having outlasted the war in Ukraine. Akulov recalls daily bombings, tanks on the streets of Donetsk, and armed militia traveling freely throughout the place he called home. While the war went on outside, Akulov remained persistent.

Akulov went on to become a leading force behind some of the largest names in the tech world, including, PerfOps, jsDelivr, and Prospect One. Prospect One specializes in web performance, server management, and high availability systems. We also develop complex software that allows people to scale their systems and websites.

Akulov started jsDelivr, a free- multi-CDN for open course projects, at the age of 16. Today, the platform is one of the largest in the world, serving over 65 billion users on a monthly basis. Clients include some of the world’s largest websites, including multiple government sites.

Akulov’s track record of success in the tech startup world has taken him around the globe with the purpose of building products that revolutionize life for real people. I learn how he has travelled around the world motivated by a mission of building products that transform the lives of real people.