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Jun 20, 2020

I recently discovered an under-tapped online tool that leverages technology to serve as a very streamlined and holistic platform for all of us to help one anothe from a distance. Supportful is the only all-in-one online crowdfunding for support platform that's relevant to the current climate of hardship. Not only right now, but in the weeks and months to come.

Unlike more prominent name online crowdfunding tools like GoFundMe, Supportful has allowed people to raise funds for a cause/person but also takes it a step further. The portal provides e a singular, virtual place to crowdfund support in other ways, such as transportation, meals, and babysitting.

Given the fact that people everywhere are experiencing a range of hardships from financial and job loss to hospitalization and isolation, the team is gearing up to launch a new and dedicated page to curate COVID-specific support efforts.

I wanted to learn more about how we can use our new age and culture of online connection during this pandemic to help each other. For example, it's helping people with basic living expenses, shipping groceries, creating care packages, creating virtual tip bars or happy hours for local bars, coordinating wellness check-ins, scheduling digital entertainment for the elderly.

Nicholas Emerson Mazzone, Founder and CEO of joins me on Tech Talks Daily to share the story behind this free online platform. We discuss how they are using technology to provide friends and families going through hardships with the tools and resources they need to get help in meaningful and practical ways.