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Nov 29, 2015

In this episode, Neil talks about how Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer game is getting a free-to-play version and also discusses how some Facebook Quizzes such as the hugely popular 'Most Used Words' quiz reveals more about you than you probably realise.


Nov 26, 2015

Over the next few weeks, big businesses will be relying on their IT infrastructure to have no downtime during their busiest shopping period.

Predicted figures:

  • £1.07bn Black Friday
  • £943m Cyber Monday
  • £856m Boxing Day
  • £4.9bn Total five-week period

With potential costs of £200k an hour for website downtime, will...

Nov 20, 2015

Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty. is an app that brings a Tinder-esque way of cleaning up your inbox by just swiping to unsubscribe and undo years of damage within a few minutes. For example, I somehow have notched up 167 email subscriptions of newsletters,...

Nov 10, 2015

Are We Reading Less?

The literary tug of war between physical books and their disruptive nemesis E-Books continues to divide passionate readers and remains the topic of many a heated debate in book clubs across the globe. But are we actually reading less?

Will You Broadcast Yourself from Periscope to Apple TV?


Nov 8, 2015

I have received over 20 E-Mails from listeners who are worried at the dramatic dip in readership figures and their work being featured on one of the LinkedIn Pulse channels.

  • Has LinkedIn changed their algorithm to feature blog posts?
  • Are LinkedIn only featuring Influencers rather than everyday users?
  • Why have my...