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Mar 29, 2016

How An Ex Microsoft Exec Is Unlocking IoT Data With Buddy.

A closer inspection of the background of this start-up revealed financial backing from Microsoft Ventures and a fund set up by US singer Lady Gaga. This intriguing and inspiring start-up story left me wanting to learn more about both CEO David McLachlan and more...

Mar 28, 2016

After reading about the OrangeTheory and their 60-minute, five zone heart-rate-monitored interval training concept that was using technology improve their fitness levels. I had to get them on the show to hear more.

Backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), the heart-rate-monitored training is...

Mar 23, 2016

I chat to Co-founder & Coo of Frontdoor Alain Kapatashungu who describes himself as a French entrepreneur. Whose journey has seen him travel from the war and genocide in Rwanda to building an artificial intelligence app in the valley to empower city dwellers.

Although still in Beta the team are already seeing an...