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Mar 24, 2017

While wandering around the Adobe Summit this week, my keen eye spotted 6 NBA Hoops games. These seem to be everywhere at the moment and are a big hit with start-ups to a such a degree that they have become the new foosball table in chill out rooms.

However, I quickly noticed that anyone approaching these games machines was advised to scan their registration pass and it seemed their game seemed to populate a metrics dashboard.

It was at this point I discovered that after the announcement of the Adobe Analytics cloud to serve the experience business. Adobe wanted to find a way to simplify the complex world of analytics by showing every user how much data can be obtained by a simple game of NBA Hoops.

Giving the attendees an opportunity to see a real-time dashboard game visualization with an enormous amount of data enabled anyone regardless of their position to instantly understand the power of Adobe Analytics.

I tracked down the man behind this fantastic idea, and he is Jeff Allen, the Senior Director of Adobe Analytics. I cheekily asked for an interview, and thankfully he said yes.

So wherever you are listening to the show in the world and whatever you are doing whether it be walking your dog, going for a run or on the commute to work, I invite you to allow me to beam your ears all the way back to Las Vegas so you can evesdrop on a chat with Jeff Allen, the Senior Director of Adobe Analytics