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Tech Columnist Neil C. Hughes Interviews Innovative Startups, Tech Leaders, CEO's, Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs. Guests share their stories, experiences and invaluable advice about the latest tech trends affecting multiple industries. As a tech blog writer, I created this podcast to add real human voices to my written articles and bring them to life. My aim was to create a top podcast that unites the global community and connect every tech fan and entrepreneur in the world. A wealth of guests that cover every aspect of the startup scene discussing Venture Capital, Technology Startups, Advice and Strategy, Angel Investors, Bootstrapping, Business Ideas, Co-Founders, and Crowdfunding. We also look at how the digital transformation and technologies such as machine learning, AI, AR, VR, FinTech, Edtech are impacting businesses. Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." This show aims to empower those followers to learn from those on a similar journey so they too can create their own path by educating and mentoring.
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 The Tech Blog Writer Podcast


Tech columnist Neil Hughes is the host of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast that is also available on iTunesStitcher, PlayerFM and TuneIn Radio.

I launched this podcast to add real human voices to my written articles and bring them to life. My aim was to create a top podcast that unites the global community and connect every tech fan and entrepreneur in the world.

Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." This show aims to empower those followers to learn from those on a similar journey so they too can create their own path by educating and mentoring.

You can also reach me on Twitter at @NeilCHughes or at





Jun 28, 2017

StudySync has partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to deliver an engaging digital literacy curriculum that is accessible on all devices, anywhere, anytime!

Students are continually accessing and sharing information, communicating on multiple platforms, and consuming and creating diverse forms of media. In short they are becoming digital citizens.

StudySync is engaging with these digitally-connected students with media-rich learning experiences, real-world topics, and a direct read-write connection while giving teachers flexible digital tools and engaging print resources supporting teaching, differentiation, and standards-based assessment.

StudySync podcasts also offer a new way for students to use digital media content in the classroom while advancing listening and critical thinking skills.

I chat to Robert Romano Founder/CEO at BookheadEd Learning and StudySync to learn more about this 21st-century approach to learning.


Jun 27, 2017

The Storybooth digital platform and its multi-channel ecosystem inspire, capture, animate, engage and distribute real stories that kids and teens tell. Through mobile-friendly recording technologies, guided how-to content and an ever-growing catalog of great stories, they make it simple and exciting for kids and teens to tell their own stories, in their own authentic voices, with the possibility that their story, with them telling it in their own words, may get chosen for animation.

Their collaborations with noted YouTubers also allows them to present their “storytime” content in a new, compelling, and engaging way, and grow the audience and influence for the Storybooth episodes produced on the narratives of everyday kids and teens. 

It's the use of technology and speaking with children in a language that they understand without being patronizing that really excites me. along of course with using it promote using their unique authentic voices.

I speak with Joshua Sinel from Storybooth to learn about his story behind this exciting new digital platform.

Jun 26, 2017

Nearly 200 episodes ago I spoke with the CEO of Payoneer about empowering global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform.

Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform.

We often here about the world of finance is struggling to keep up in this digital world. While banks cautiously investigate the opportunities around so-called FinTech an entire industry is looking ripe for disruption.

Payoneer is making big waves in the tech world for being a disruptive international b2b online payments company with revenue far north of $100 million.

Thousands of leading corporations including Airbnb, Amazon, Getty Images, Google, and Upwork rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services So invited them back onto the show to find out more.

Payoneer has seen an increase in demand for U.K. merchants looking to expand beyond the EU, as well as digital marketplaces and platforms, opening their doors to foreign sellers, publishers and talent and, as a result, is opening the office despite any fears around Brexit.

I recently discovered that Payoneer had unveiled a new office in London and Cross-border payments are on track to reach an all-time high, with new leaders in global trade arising each year.

I invited Daniel Mayhew from the Payoneer's UK operation and CEO Scott Galit from NYC onto the show to learn more about Payoneer's future plans.


Jun 23, 2017

As I binge my way through House of Cards, it got me thinking about all the great shows that got canceled before their time. Such as Deadwood and Firefly etc Then I got thinking about how closed off the Hollywood system is BUT I quickly found a tech antidote to all of these first world problems for TV and films fans.

Filmio is a new kind of entertainment company building a platform for creators and fans to join together where everyone plays, anyone can create, and all share in the benefits.

With their new platform, they have a goal of changing the way the entertainment industry works, like a Venture Capital firm for great films, TV shows, and virtual reality. Their model is simple: Fund, Create, Distribute.

Filmio believes that for too long, Hollywood has been a closed system, where only a select few are able to participate - this new model aims to change that by removing the gatekeepers and giving the power back to the fans and creators, enabling the two to work together to fund the next great film.

I invited Filmio President Ian LeWinter onto the show to find out more.



Jun 21, 2017

The Risk IQ platform protects the externally facing digital assets—known and unknown—of any organization from malicious actors.

They allow enterprises to efficiently map and monitor their digital attack surface, pinpoint exposures across their entire business, and dynamically mitigate web, mobile and social threats such as malware, malvertising, and phishing.

Scott Gordon has been in information security for the past twenty years working with leading edge vendors and practitioners. A technologist, advocate, marketer and writer, he has helped pioneer many of the industry’s leading infosec tools and systems that are commonly used today.

Jun 20, 2017

Aragon, the decentralized management platform for companies, recently announced that their token sale has raised $25,000,000 USD in less than 15 minutes from 2403 buyers across the world.

Boasting over 5000 test organizations already lined up, Aragon aims to show how decentralized organizations can be more efficient, transparent, cost-effective and accountable.

The Aragon Network will be the first decentralized autonomous organization whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction that makes it easy for organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors to operate. The mission of the network will be the development of the Aragon Core contracts, contract upgradability services for all Aragon Core contracts with a built-in bug bounty mechanism, and a decentralized court system.

As outlined in the Aragon Development Plan, a for-profit organization, Aragon Dev will be created, employing a team to work on the Aragon platform, and acting as a service provider for the Aragon Network. Over the course of 2017 and early 2018, development will focus on deploying minor releases each with additional features, laying the foundation for the first major release in late 2018.

Guest Info

Luis Cuende created his first free software project at the age of 12, Cuende was discovered early, with HackFwd awarding him the best underage European hacker at only 15 years of age. He continued to grow his reputation serving as an Advisor to the VP of the European Commission regarding Digital Agenda and entrepreneurship.

Many also know Cuende for the book "I'm 18 and I neither study or work" (2014)

We also discuss cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etheruem, Ripple, and SiaCoins and how this technology is changing everything.




Jun 18, 2017

Does your business need a good alternative to Google Groups, Meetup, Slack, Mailchimp, CRM, and the endless of other tech solutions out there?

The average business now has a growing number of global partners, freelancers, resellers, affiliates, influencers, developer groups. Your next work colleague could even be in a different time zone.

How are businesses adapting to this massive shift? And how do they effectively communicate with them all? Sure many turn to platforms such as Slack, but we need something to remove the white noise, not add to it.

CEO Sharon Savariego has helped build Mobilize to help companies communicate with external groups and individuals in a digital age. Essentially, Mobilize is a single communication hub for groups. It helps you easily communicate with and organize your group members from one place.

Considering that true innovation comes from connecting people, I invited the Mobilize CEO onto the show to learn how they are connecting people in a meaningful way.

Jun 14, 2017

RBmedia, a new global powerhouse taking center-stage in spoken audio & digital media distribution tech.


They produce a vast array of exclusive titles and deliver, through their technology platform, over 700k digital content titles in total – ranging from audiobooks to online learning to entertainment and much more. Many believe audiobooks to be the fastest growing segment in publishing, valued at almost $3 billion annually. RBmedia is the largest audiobook publisher in the world.

RBmedia’s tech platform supports mobile devices of all types including smartphones, smartwatches, in-car systems, etc. They reach millions of consumers across 38 countries directly via their platform through their mobile platform serving 10,000+ libraries, and via consumer digital resellers like Amazon’s Audible®.

I speak with CEO Ian Small to find out more about what the future has in store for distraction entertainmentent


Jun 13, 2017

Sony recently announced the evolution of their second-generation Digital Paper (model DPT-RP1), a tool that has become indispensable to professors, scientists, researchers, PhDs, and graduate students in STEM focused careers or areas of study.

Digital Paper is also gaining momentum in legal, financial and medical fields, by professionals who read documents and take notes extensively. The second generation of Sony’s Digital Paper gives users an even better document reading, annotating and note taking experience.

Sony Digital Paper New Features

  • Easier-to-read, high-resolution display
  • A more responsive touch panel
  • Precise handwritten note-taking capabilities
  • Wireless document transfer to PC or Mac
  • A sleek new device design

Digital Paper gives users the “feel” of pen on paper through a new non-slip panel, useful when highlighting, annotating or erasing on any document. Users can rest their palm on the screen as they write — just like with paper – while taking handwritten notes and keeping digital records for future reference. Annotations and hand-written notes are automatically saved to the internal memory.

I speak with Daniel Albohn Manager of Global Business Development at Sony North America for Sony Digital Paper Solutions to find out more about this exciting technology.

Jun 13, 2017

I recently discovered how a Whiskey discovery app is making big waves in the Netherlands. has collected nearly 50.000 whiskey reviews and tasting notes from both online and offline publications, and in different languages from all over the world.

The App also extracts all flavor related remarks from all of these tasting notes, combined them, and created Flavor Profiles. Basically, these profiles display what most people will taste in a whiskey.

But there is much more to the app than that, and there is a great story behind it too. So if you like whiskey and would like to understand how technology can help you find a classy whiskey based on your tastes, you will love this episode.

The most wish listed whiskeys of the moment are Highland Park Valkyrie, Ardbeg Kelpie and Glenmorangie Bacalta. All of these have been released during the past few weeks, which explains why they're trending.

If you are unsure what of what to buy your Dad for Fathers day, maybe you should try scanning a bottle of his favorite drink and check out how technology can even now choose the perfect bottle of Whisky based on your own personal tastes and preferences.


Jun 12, 2017

Aprimo and Forbes Insights Team Up to Survey Global Marketing Leaders About the Future of Marketing.

74% of respondents cite ‘agility of marketing operations’ as a key marketing challenge. 45% of survey respondents identify ‘technology’ as the most critical factor contributing to the success of their organization’s agile marketing efforts

In a digital-first world, the survey highlights a challenging marketing resource environment within many organizations where technology resources are constrained or totally absent, instead relying on traditional marketing practices.

I speak with Ed Breault from Aprimo and talk about the report and where do businesses begin when thinking about giving their current corporate culture, technology, process and budget support agile marketing a complete overhaul to move forward in a digital first world.

We also talk about how the rise of digital Darnwism is encouraging businesses to evolve through disruption in a world where they must adapt or die

Report details  

Jun 11, 2017

Chicago-based start-up Codeverse is on a simple mission to teach 1 billion kids how to code and turn today's youth into tomorrow's leaders.

Codeverse is the brainchild of one of Chicago's most successful husband and wife duos, Craig Ulliott and Katy Lynch. The pair met at Where I've Been, Craig's first company, which was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2011 with 10 million users.

Ulliott and Lynch then joined forces to build the explosively popular digital media firm, SocialKaty, which was acquired by Manifest Digital in 2014. Ulliott also co-founded leading loyalty company Belly, and Lynch served as CEO of Techweek.

On this episode, I speak with co-founder Katy Lynch about why they believe that every child should be set up for success as early as possible. They do this by equipping children with the right tools and resources they need to thrive in their ever-changing, technologically-advanced world.


Built from the ground up purely to teach children to code, KidScript is Codeverse's original, kid-friendly coding language. Using KidScript, children learn the craft of code while bringing their own ideas to life through a simplified programming language. This innovation allows children to see results as they type, providing a much greater understanding of cause and effect, as well as an immediate sense of accomplishment.

Unlike traditional coding, feedback is given in real time, which enables children to correct errors on the spot, and creates an active learning environment. The underlying curriculum is self-guided and adaptive, meeting and challenging children at each individual skill level.

Coding teaches essential life skills beyond the computer screen. It encourages creativity, instills confidence, and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving.

Jun 9, 2017

Veem is transforming the cross-border payments process for SMB's –which is a $25 trillion market. There are currently $50 billion in fees due to an antiquated wire transfer system that takes too long, is too complex and is not designed to meet the needs of small businesses globally.

The global payments industry is currently a patchwork system that involves multiple financial institutions and currency exchanges, introducing numerous fees and confusion.

Now, by intelligently routing wire transfers between different payment rails, including blockchain, the company's multi-rail technology connects the disparate parts of the international wire transfer process, bringing the simplicity of consumer payments to small businesses by enabling them to send and receive payments using only an email address.

Jun 7, 2017

StackShare is a startup with 100,000+ developers, engineers, managers, and CTOs as users. Silicon Valley's top companies, including Airbnb, Instacart, and Spotify, can share and discuss their tech stacks.

Companies can learn what tech stacks peers and competitors are using, while job-seekers can discover which tools are most in demand and used at their dream companies.

I invited Yonas Beshawred, CEO of StackShare onto the show to learn more about tech stacks.

Jun 6, 2017

Over the last few months, I have noticed an apparent move away from full-time staff and the 9-5 worker and a move towards contractors and flexing towards resources as and when it is needed.

One of the bigger problems of the digital transformation for mature businesses is their culture and processes are firmly rooted in the analog world.Whereas the digital world demands that businesses are more agile, efficient and most importantly quicker off the mark.

If they carry on with the old way of doing things, guess what? A startup will remove the pain points and disrupt your business. But what is the future of the workforce and why are businesses are relying on and hiring contractors to meet their company's bottom line. 

I invited Ray Grainger, the CEO of Mavenlink, a cloud-based project management firm. Mavenlink partnered with researchers at Gigaom, and together they interviewed 480 executives in the IT, marketing, and business/management sectors.

Mavenlink and Gigaom found that today we are working in a project-based economy, being run by freelancers. Mavenlink put all their findings in a new report titled, “2017 State of Services Economy.”

Mavenlink and Gigaom predict that 40% of American workers will be contractors, service providers, and freelancers by just 2020.

Jun 1, 2017

As part of this, Adobe is building stories around how they can see customers leveraging AI and machine learning – and how the technology is impacting industries like retail and travel.

In retail, for example, AI is already being used to predict customer behavior via analysis of shopping lists (with user consent) and provide better recommendations.  

Adobe also recently announced a “virtual analyst” within their analytics product, that leverages AI to help brands better act on data.

I invited John Bates from Adobe onto the show to help you all visualize how much of what we have read about in the tech press is now impacting both businesses and consumers in a good way.

Forget the rise of the machines, John talks about united humanity and machines. In a world where Apple Music/Spotify suggest what music to listen to, Netflix determines what you will watch and Amazon what you buy. Bates reveals more about how Adobe is tapping into trends that are actually consumer driven.

May 30, 2017

Reflektion have been quietly dominating retail by using AI in uncharted areas for a number of years. They were understanding consumer preferences in real time and delivering a 1:1 experience on the fly before it was even a thing.

The company was born by Google/Netflix pioneers and is used by brands like Disney, Godiva, Marmot, and Uniqlo.

Reflektion understands the individual intent and preferences of each customer and intelligently responds in real time. When combined with our knowledge of your brand’s product offerings, these insights allow you to leverage your most relevant content or products to influence each customer at every relevant point of engagement.

I invited Reflektion’s Chief Strategy Officer Kurt Heinemann onto the show tonight to learn more about what we should expect in the e-commerce industry when it comes to tech and the newest trends.




May 29, 2017

Jason Wilk is better known as the AllScreen and Founder, and is currently an active Angel Investor, and Co-Founder Advisor of Mark Cuban-backed WriteyBoard.

But today, I invited him onto the show to talk about his brand new FinTech app Called Dave! The app helps millennials by predicting future expenses and preventing negative balances with a unique spin on borrowing money.

Dave exists because its creators think it's fundamentally wrong to kick people when they're down. A coffee should not end up costing you $38 after overdraft and bank fees.

Upon connecting any checking account, Dave instantly analyzes trends from an individual's bank history and displays their '7 Day Low', a number which represents the lowest Dave forecasts your account balance will get in the next week. It's like a weather report for your checking account. If your '7 Day Low' dips below $0, Dave notifies you to take action.

"We invented this new type of account balance because a current balance just doesn't mean anything if your Netflix bill is due tomorrow and your rent check is going to be cashed tonight." says Dave CEO Jason Wilk, who is working with Mark Cuban on their 3rd company together. 


May 27, 2017

Before she joined Radial, Andrea Dougherty didn’t even know fraud was a thing. Fast forward 7+ years and she’s now a sought-after security expert who’s protecting major brands and retailers around the world. Andrea has teamed with the FBI/police to bust cases wide open – like where a fraudster used a dead man’s credit card to buy a diamond ring (luckily the jeweler was Andrea’s client).

I invited Andrea onto the show to discuss the following:

· Playing by the rules: The best defense against fraud? A good rule. How Andrea uses her technical expertise to write hundreds of business rules to spot bogus transactions. When her rules flag suspect patterns, they’re sent to human analysts who can verify the legitimacy or contact the customer directly.

· The changing face of fraud: Fraud is skyrocketing by 30% YoY. Andrea shares the latest tactics being used by the bad guys, and the cutting-edge methods the good guys are using to foil sinister plots. For example, social selling, which is gaining transaction among retailers due to consumer demand, can open the floodgates to fraud.

· Advice to retailers and brands: It boils down to this – they can’t fight fraud alone. Today’s criminals are too smart; they’re only growing stronger and harder to stop. Retailers aren’t equipped to handle a fraud onslaught. If they don’t work with a security expert, they run a grave risk: canceling half their orders and sales volume, and losing millions of dollars in the process.

Detecting fraud is a balancing act that radial do with a precise combination of machine learning, big data, and human intelligence to deliver the highest fraud approval rates in the industry.







May 25, 2017

Wendy Williams is a media mogul, actress, comedian, entrepreneur, designer, and New York Times best-selling author, who is best known for her long-running Daytime Emmy® nominated talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Prior to achieving success in daytime television, Wendy built a devoted fan base throughout a successful 23-year career in radio, with, “The Wendy Williams Experience,” being a top-rated daily radio show. Syndicated nationally, it aired on WBLS in New York and was listened to by an audience of more than 12 million people.

One of the most popular personalities in radio, Wendy was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in November of 2009 – one of only a handful of women with that honor. In addition to her talk show, Williams also created her own production company, Wendy.

Wendy Williams, is expanding her winning formula into Mobile with the official launch of her new entertainment and lifestyle app, Wendy Digital, available on Apple and Android, starting today. The app aims to provide a fun content-rich entertainment experience that indulges users with a daily dose of pop culture.

Hot Topics

Daily celebrity Hot Topic discussions where you get to chime in with fans.

Suddenly Wendy

Catch exclusive video content and go behind-the-scenes, for a closer look into Wendy’s world.

ETrivia Challenge

Your celebrity and entertainment knowledge and compete for a chance to win prizes.

Shopping Shop Wendy’s

OOTD, HSN Collection, Wendy’s merch and new product recommendations.

I speak to Wendy about why she is launching the Wendy Digital Entertainment & Lifestyle App.

May 24, 2017

As businesses continue to get excited about machine learning and AI to unlock data. But make no mistake next year the focus will be on GDPR.

Especially considering the penalty for not complying can lead to fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover. 

Preparing Your Data for GDPR
Whether a company is already operating in the European Union or has expansion plans there in the future, the upcoming GDPR rules will have a profound impact on how all organizations handle, manage, and use consumer data.

I invited Florian Douetteau CEO at Dataiku to discuss his thoughts on the impending GDPR regulation.

In the interview we discuss:

  • How to structure your company data to meet the demands of GDPR
  • How a company should prepare for GDPR - even if they don’t plan to collect EU customer data.
  • What are the best practices for data management?
May 22, 2017

I recently came across a company called Pollfish and they captured my attention with their intro which went something like:

Don't you want to know what your competitor's customers really think? How can a 'David'-sized app acquire users in a landscape dominated by a handful of 'Goliath' companies?

Answer: Go undercover—now there is a tool that can ask a competitor’s users exactly what they're thinking so apps can optimize their offering accordingly and slingshot around the competition.

The app is using groundbreaking 'behind enemy lines' technology that helps app publishers take down even the most established competitors from the inside.

With Pollfish’s proprietary polling technology via third-party mobile apps, they claim that startups can conduct fast, flexible, economical market research they need to compete with—and even win against—big brands.

App publishers can deliver a customized survey straight to the users of the app of their choosing. Examples could include ridesharing apps targeting Uber users, personal finance apps surveying Mint users, or new social networks questioning Snapchat users.


May 21, 2017

Neo Technology is the creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first-class entities to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving connected data challenges including fraud detection, real-time recommendations, master data management, network security and IT operations.

Global enterprises like Walmart, UBS, Cisco, HP, Adidas Group and Lufthansa and hot startups like Medium, Qualia and Glowbl rely on Neo4j to harness the connections in their data.

With $36M in new funding secured last year, Graph Databases are rapidly becoming an enterprise standard.

Guest Info 

Jeff Morris is the head of product marketing at Neo Technology, helping enterprise customers see their world as "graphs" through the connections and relationships they hold with customers, processes, systems and data assets.


May 21, 2017

Audeze have built a reputation selling award-winning audio products engineered with the latest innovations in science and tech, matched with precision craftsmanship. Cutting-edge planar magnetic technology also delivers an unparalleled listening experience that's renowned by producers, musicians, and audiophiles alike.

Designed and assembled at Audeze’s California factory with industrial style by BMW’s DesignWorks, the company's commitment to research, development, and design is reflected in every facet of their products.

Their EL-8 Titanium claimed its fame as the first set of headphones with a fully integrated Lightning cable. Receiving numerous awards at CES 2016, the SINE was the first on-ear planar magnetic headphone. Now, the iSINE are the first in-ear planar magnetic headphones! But, it doesn’t stop there. At CES 2017, Audeze debuted its latest innovation, the iSINE Virtual Reality Headphones, further impacting the world of audio.

I invited Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze onto the show to talk about the importance of 3D audio and emerging audio technologies.

May 18, 2017

Chore Check is a great tool for busy parents to raise responsible, money-smart kids! The app makes it easy to keep everyone organized and accountable for household responsibilities.

As a parent, you can track your children's completed chores, send payments, and even distribute their earnings to SPEND, SAVE, and GIVE categories. Chores can even be set to "stealable" so that the first child to check it off earns the credit. When kids login, they can check off chores, track progress, and watch their allowance grow!

I invited Chore Check CEO Ada Vaughan onto the show to find out more.


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