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Jun 12, 2017

Aprimo and Forbes Insights Team Up to Survey Global Marketing Leaders About the Future of Marketing.

74% of respondents cite ‘agility of marketing operations’ as a key marketing challenge. 45% of survey respondents identify ‘technology’ as the most critical factor contributing to the success of their organization’s agile marketing efforts

In a digital-first world, the survey highlights a challenging marketing resource environment within many organizations where technology resources are constrained or totally absent, instead relying on traditional marketing practices.

I speak with Ed Breault from Aprimo and talk about the report and where do businesses begin when thinking about giving their current corporate culture, technology, process and budget support agile marketing a complete overhaul to move forward in a digital first world.

We also talk about how the rise of digital Darnwism is encouraging businesses to evolve through disruption in a world where they must adapt or die

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