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Jul 10, 2017

While on holiday in Orlando, it quickly became apparent that the good, the bad and the ugly side of technology were available for visitors.

The Orlando Slingshot ride has become a viral success after it caught the imagination of users on social media and the videos of people riding it being seen by millions worldwide. Riders are given a USB wristband containing a video of their ride so they can share their experiences.

Meanwhile, Universal Studios seem to confuse visitors with their locker system before allowing them to enter the line for the Hulk Ride.

If you make it onto the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, you can also buy video footage of your experience and gain Social Media kudos points. But if you buy it and want to share it straight away, you would be sadly be disappointed as it's only available on DVD! What's all that about?

At Universal, you go to a ride only to be turned away and told to hire a locker which has a long line of people scratching their heads trying to get to grips with the system while techies get frustrated at behind them. But this is the point, the world is not full of techies and it should not be designed for them. Simplicity is the key to everything.

Predictably, Disney seems to be stepping up to the mark and are leading the way to create a pure friction and painpoint free world across all of their parks.

Swiping your wrist against a Mickey Mouse mouse sensor to open your hotel room, get immediately onto a ride via a fast pass, pay for your food or send photos of your day directly to your phone, that is a universal language that we all get.

However, Universals Volcano Bay is attempting to raise the bar in waterpark tech with TapuTapu wristbands will be able to alert riders when it's time for them to ride, something that the current generation of MagicBands can't do.