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Nov 17, 2017

Netsil recently launched out of stealth and simply put, they’re offering a universal observability and monitoring platform for modern cloud applications, AKA a “Google Maps for your Cloud Apps”
Most companies are using an increasing number of apps and microservices. But they also create dependencies between each other and the underlying technology infrastructure. Any number of small changes to one app can have unintended impacts on other apps.
Netsil’s product “listens” to the activity going on inside a company’s computing environment and provides IT teams with an auto-discovered map of those interactions so they can quickly see how every app is performing.
Netsil was born at the University of Pennsylvania, where the CEO was getting his Ph.D. There he hooked up with the other co-founder, a high-ranking engineer at Twitter who was having a tough time keeping all of Twitter’s apps and microservices running. Together they realized that what IT and DevOps teams needed was a map of their cloud app environments. The rest is history, so to say.
Netsil now provides observability and monitoring for cloud apps. DevOps teams use Netsil's auto-discovered maps & analytics to assure uptime and performance.