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Dec 16, 2017 is the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services comprised of nearly half a million business clients and voice actors. Although receiving two million unique visitors annually and 250,000 transactions are impressive, it's their startup story that will steal your hearts and minds.

This tech startup story has it all. From the moment David Ciccarelli future wife Stephanie mapped out the original idea for a global voice-over marketplace on a napkin, it was clear something special was on the horizon. They got married and now have over 250,000 voice actors registered on the site. But, embracing the pivot rebranding proved to be a key turning point in their startup journey. I invited David Ciccarelli onto the show to share their story.

The report also highlights how the creative community chooses - and uses - voice over, offers a unique insight into what resonates with the modern consumer on both an emotional and psychological level.