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Dec 17, 2017

Kevin Hrusovsky is the CEO of Quanterix and the Founder of the Powering Precision Health Summit. Kevin has more than 25 years experience leading life sciences and biotechnology companies and believes that accelerating precision medicine is the key to changing our current healthcare system and improving the longevity of the population.

Two years ago, he founded the Powering Precision Health Summit as a way to bring all key stakeholders – including doctors, scientists, patients, patient advocates, investors, innovators, etc., together to discuss how we can accelerate research and turn today’s sick-care into tomorrow’s healthcare. He sees collaboration as the key to advancing our healthcare system and currently sits on the board of several life science companies, to ensure that all medical milestones are capitalized on.

The Powering Precision Health movement represents the intersection of new technological capabilities and the latest medical research, ushering in a new era of medicine: precision health. “Precision health” aims to transform how we approach human health, from scrambling to cure diseases after the fact, to prevention or early detection of disease long before symptoms appear and the disease is most curable.

Kevin believes the ability to track the environment’s impact on our health is key to helping move the needle forward. He grew up in a coal mining town and from an early age became fascinated with how environmental factors dictate our health. He has found that protein biomarkers can track a person’s health as it changes over time, which can enable doctors to spot diseases before they occur, and is working to advance digital technologies that can measure these biomarkers in real time.

I invited Kevin Hrusovsky onto the show about how we are approaching a more proactive than reactive approach to healthcare where traditionally we used to wait until something was wrong. We also discuss how technological advancements are enabling us all to track the environment’s impact on our health in real time.