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Jan 8, 2018

CINEMOOD is the maker of innovative, portable mini-cinema projector devices with a content platform for kids. CINEMOOD’s Storyteller is the first cloud-connected mini cinema for families that displays immersive content onto any surface, creating magical, cinematic moments that families and friends can enjoy together.

The Storyteller is also pre-loaded with a parent-curated library of 150+ stories to give kids an alternative to TV, tablets and smartphones experience. Project onto any light surface cartoons, films, digital books, films, listen to music, audiobooks. Support Bluetooth, WiFi.

CINEMOOD also made a name for itself by reaching 123 percent of its Indigogo goal with 17 days left and wowing audiences at CES a few years ago. The product was designed by parents who wanted to give their kids an alternative that allows kids to interact with technology without just staring down at a screen it’s basically a mini portable projector that comes with swappable smart covers that let you turn any wall or ceiling in your house into a personal theater.

They can now be found at CES 2018 at the Sands Conventions Center, Halls A-D, Booth #42570. For those that are unable to attend the biggest tech event in the world, I invited them back on the show to learn about their progress since we last spoke in 2016.

We talk about the technology behind Cinemood and them winning the right to use Disney licensed content in the US and Canada. We also discuss how they've broken the American and European markets with high sales, recent investor updates and what the world can expect from their team in 2018.