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Jan 26, 2018

The destructive effects of the traditional performance review or annual appraisal are well documented. Rather than motivate staff they demotivate employees. What if an HR Tech solution dared to approach the process differently?

It’s no secret that the digital transformation is on the rise—worldwide spending on tech aiding in digital transformation will jump to almost $2 trillion by 2019. However, only 40% of businesses have a strategy for executing this change. 

That’s why Reflektive, the real-time performance management platform, developed new features designed to empower managers and employees to take a more active and agile role in optimizing individual and team performance. The software unburdens HR teams from administrative tasks so they can focus on creating fluid, agile teams that are able to quickly shift and innovate as new technology infiltrates the workplace.

Evolving employee performance management to be more continuous and lightweight. Reflektive have 250+ customers including Nutanix, MEC, Protective Life Insurance, Braintree, Comcast, Ubisoft and more. The company has also raised $42m in capital from Andreessen Horowitz & Lightspeed. We are hiring fast and have grown from 20 to 100+ employees in the last year. 

I invited Reflektive, CEO, Rajeev Behera onto the podcast to discuss how new HR tools can empower the entire organization to be more responsive to changing market demands and improve overall business performance—both of which are key for excelling during the digital transformation.