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Jun 19, 2018

The latest app making waves is often a gimmicky, fun trend which we delete within six months of downloading it; but theMyTherapy app is one worth keeping. With technology modernizing and finding new ways of approaching daily life, MyTherapy is doing the same for medication.

Non-adherence to medication is one of the largest issues facing healthcare systems, in the UK and throughout the developed world, and the costs are both human and financial. Only 50% of medication plans are adhered to in developed countries. A Birmingham based study estimated that annual cost of non-adherence to the NHS at £500 million.

Nearly 200,000 deaths a year in the EU are due to missed medication. The MyTherapy app is attempting to solve these problems, providing a comprehensive tool to manage medication. It’s a medication reminder, but with a variety of useful functions: a symptom tracker, an option to share progress and it notifies the user if their medication is running out.

As we head towards a more proactive approach to healthcare than reactive I invited Sebastian Gaede onto this tech podcast to find out more about how MyTherapy is making a big difference.