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Aug 25, 2018

On my daily tech podcast, I look beyond the buzzwords to find the real gold and how some businesses are leveraging future technologies today to transform businesses and help them find their way in a digital world.

Lannister Holdings and Lannister Development recently appeared on my radar after discovering they are the first US-based publicly traded blockchain development company in the market today.

Their team of experienced programmers, developers, and software engineers have been helping businesses leverage the web since the arrival of the internet in the nineties. Web 2.00 provided a vision for the art of the possible, but we are now helping take businesses to the next level on a journey to web 3.0 at their pace.

Essentially they are Leveraging web 3.0 technologies for a secure, transparent, decentralized world and the future of your business. Enterprises are not asking for Web 3.O, they are asking for digital transformation, but this is just the start of their journey, and Web 3.0 is their final destination.

Everyone needs a strategy and a roadmap to get to the intelligent web and when IOT inevitably becomes ubiquitous, what underpins it? AI delivers the intelligence and blockchain gives it the mechanism for security and transparency, but this is only the beginning.

So if you are passionate about how technology is transforming the world of business and more interested in tangible results rather than buzzwords, you will love this conversation with Joe Snyder and Chris Brown from Lannister Holdings.