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Sep 9, 2018

On this daily tech podcast, CEOs learn from other CEOS and startup founders learn from others on their startup journeys. As for myself and everyone listening, we learn from them all of them

I recently received an email from Aireka Harvell who is based in Nashville Tennessee and on her own startup journey. She emailed me saying that listening to the episodes of other startup founders have been very helpful and encouraging to her as am an early-stage startup founder.

I invited Aireka onto the show today to share her tech startup story and also tell me all about Nodat which is a fantastic concept and antidote to fake online reviews.

Nodat lets you get connected with best local businesses like restaurants, spas, doctors, gym, anything and everything you need. As a registered user, Nodat allows you share your reviews to your social media for your family and friends to see what you’re up to and share how much you know about a place. 

If you are on Nodat, you will know that customer reviews are NOT fake here. On-the-scene video reviews, best offers on services, with additional benefits on referrals. Nodat is your helpful and most HONEST local guide.

Providing you with only the BEST local shops, restaurants, bars, doctors, realtors, and any other type of businesses! Nodat can be a globally local guide to all the best options near you, be it restaurants, local bars, malls or doctors, salons or gym, dentist or pediatrician, realtor or movers, child care or pet care centers or even an accountant. Anything useful & helpful!