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Oct 24, 2018

When you are enjoying a sports game in a venue with 40,000 other fans enjoying a hot dog and a cold drink, have you ever thought of the tech working behind the scenes? that made your experience special? Today, I want to explore the cutting-edge analytics that can predict the attendance, food consumption and key moments when they will be busiest throughout the game.

E15 delivers next-generation insights based on data, not hunches, to drive business in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, College Sports, and beyond. Our team brings unmatched industry intelligence and cutting-edge analytics to sports, entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries to help companies make forward-looking decisions to benefit their business, fans and customers.

Essentially, E15 helps clients to test and implement the best new technology to create a more seamless guest experience – from food and beverage service to merchandise to ticketing, and beyond.
The group also brings together experts across a number of fields – from economics and statistics to psychology, behavioral science and computer science.

As CEO of Levy Restaurants’ analytics subsidiary E15, Jaime Faulkner heads a team of data scientists, analysts, software developers, and engineers, setting a new standard for using actionable intelligence to improve every facet of partners’ operations – from the optimal distribution of hot dogs in arenas to predicting daily attendance.

Jaime is setting the new standard in intelligence, from the optimal distribution of hot dogs in arenas and predicting daily attendance to using technology to enhance guest experience across all touchpoints. In 2015, Jaime was named one of Sports Business Journal’s Women Game Changers in Sports, and named to SBJ’s 40 Under 40 list in 2016.

Jaime’s love of data sprang from an early project estimating the potential future earnings of an NBA player who had been injured. Immersing herself in the stats and building models she discovered a passion for blending analytics with professional sports.

A graduate of Baylor University with a degree in economics, Jaime is still a Baylor Bears fan and loves a hot dog and a cold one on a summer day at the ballpark with her family.