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Jan 3, 2019

Goya-Move Helps Parents Get Kids Off Their Screens and Get Moving. The first-of-its-kind App Allows Parents to Call a Technology Time-out Until Set Activity Goals Are Met

Goya-Move, the first-ever mobile application aimed to assist parents in managing their children's screen time by setting step goals. The app, which stands for "Get Off Your Apps," allows parents to set step goals for their children, blocking specific apps until those step goals are met.

Unlike other tools on the market that operate as "parental control apps," Goya-Move promotes digital wellbeing and encourages children to participate in physical activity, making it easier for parents to get their kids moving and off their devices. No Steps, No Apps.

The Goya-Move interface lets kids see their step progress on their device, while parents get to manage and monitor the step progress and app blockage from their own device. With numerous customizable features within the app, Goya-Move makes goals attainable for children, and even adults, of any age. Parents can even credit steps for instances when the child does not have their device on them.

"We believe in a reward-based system at Goya-Move," said Keri Mackey, Co-founder and Marketing Director at Goya-Move. "Rewarding kids with screen time allows for a better mindset toward being active. With this revolutionary app, parents can end the stigma around exercise and get kids moving again."

Goya-Move has created a more reasonable way of dealing with screen time addiction and provides a goal obtainable method for children to learn about screen time moderation and teach them accountability.

I invited co-founders Keri Mackey and Isaac Gredinberg onto my daily tech podcast and find out more about Goya-Move and their upcoming trip to CES 2019 in Las Vegas.