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Mar 23, 2019

Our newsfeeds are bombarded by blog posts and articles warning that automation and an army of robots are coming to take our jobs. Mario Arace is helping people embrace technology and become part of the technological revolution before getting replaced by it.

Mario has 25 years of experience as a Global Sales Trader for 4 major banks. As a successful professional in the corporate world for 25 years, he had his passion stripped away by automation and technology. After years of sacrifice and soul searching coupled with endless research, he discovered his true passion for awakening individuals who are unaware of how quickly technology can replace them if they do not embrace it.

Mario wants to help people shift their mindset to embrace fear and obstacles and create their own path to their version of happiness; exposing the lies that society and media have created. Mario’s corporate experience gives him a unique take on his message and he inspires those who are unable to change their thinking towards making choices that result in happiness and success.

I echat with Mario and gain further insights into his mindset and embracing fear, turning pain into power, taking risks, ignoring uninvited opinions, new world order and the rapid advancement of technology.