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Mar 25, 2019

A creative digital consultancy, Deloitte Digital helps clients see what’s possible, identify what’s valuable, and deliver on it. They focus on bringing together creativity, strategy, insight, and technology to build brilliant digital experiences for the world’s leading brands. Across the globe, their work makes lives a little more fun, a little bit easier, and a little more connected, every day.

I catch up with Pradeep Kamat, lead engagement principal
and Deloitte Digital Life sciences leader at the 2019 Adobe Summit. Pradeep is a distinguished technology leader of Deloitte Digital’s practice in the US with nearly 20 years experience in business transformations, cloud technologies and customer engagement. He primarily focuses in Life Sciences and helps his clients drive their customer transformation agenda by building and delivering innovative digital solutions.

Within Deloitte, he is part of Customer and Marketing practice, where we he focuses on Customer Engagement, Customer Experience, Sales, Service and Marketing technology implementations. This includes leading projects to launch patient and HCP portals, HCP and patient marketing, end-to-end patient services call center platforms,, patient services operational reporting and analytics, and patient support mobile applications.

In our conversation, we talk about

  • Enhancing experiences through data-driven personalization at scale
  • How to reimagine the government through integrated digital experiences that put people first
  • How to engage patients and health care practitioners through personalized, omni-channel experiences
  • How teams can integrate AI into existing workstreams to drive revenue growth
  • How CIOs are collaborating with CMOs to align companies’ marketing, business and broader digital strategies
  • The role of creative content in elevating the human experience