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Mar 9, 2017

Most of us would admit they are oblivious the world around them when face down in a phone. Everywhere we look there are human beings with real stories, lives, and connections that represent meaningful collaboration and even opportunities.

James Eder was on the receiving end of several instances of serendipity and these happy accidents changed how he see's the world. Having successfully bootstrapping his first company Student Beans he is now in the process of growing his second called Causr that joins up the dots of those intimate strangers that we see every day but never speak to.

After a learning how a Causr user has already generated a £500,000 business deal as a result of using Causr. I invited James Eder onto the show to learn how many other bigger opportunities he has helped create.

Guest Info

Live on the App Store now my new venture - Causr - A location based app connecting professionals on the go.