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Mar 16, 2018

Marketing Town by Tech Essence is offering the next generation of campaign management, tracking, and analytics technology with their solution. But its the tech startup story behind the company that is even more intriguing.

The Norwegian-born founder of Tech Essence, Ken Leren, has entrepreneurial blood flowing through his veins. Seeing a world of opportunity while working at a marketing technology company, he decided to quit and start a new business from scratch. Before he knew it, he had a growing business in his hands which he now nurtures like a beloved child.

Having identified a gap in the market for performance management software, he founded Tech Essence and launched Marketing Town, a campaign management, tracking, and analytics platform to help businesses realise digital potential through use of technology.

Ken is passionate about – and has extensive technological expertise – in all things digital. In 2017, the digital marketing technology entrepreneur was named one of the top leaders in the industry by PerformanceIN; was highly commended in the Tech Business of the Year category.

Ken was also selected as a finalist for the People’s Champion award at the Startups Awards; he was also included within the MadTech edition of The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100. Furthermore, in the same year Tech Essence was recognised as one of the top startups in the UK (Startups 100 2017 Index) and was shortlisted for the 'UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship' Award at the UK IT Industry Awards.

I chat with Ken about his incredible tech startup journey that all began when he nervously handed in his notice on his day job to running a successful business.

We also discuss how prepared businesses are for GDPR and how they are you helping them through this transition.