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Jan 4, 2019

G2 Crowd real-time & unbiased user reviews help you objectively assess what is best for your business. Leverage the crowd, limit your risk, and get what works.

Ryan Bonnici has a unique career path. He started as a flight attendant while still in college in Australia as a way to pay the bills and see the world at a young age. He met an executive of Microsoft on a flight one day which launched him into a career in Marketing for some of the worlds largest and fastest growing companies (HubSpot, Salesforce, ExactTarget, and more).

Now he’s the CMO at G2 Crowd, where he’s driving the growth of the world’s leading B2B technology review platform that’s helping more than 1.5 million business professionals make informed purchasing decisions every single month.

I invited Ryan onto the show today to discuss the unexpected disruption inbound marketing Is making In HR & hiring. For example, traditional recruiting often relies on job ads, head-hunting, and similar outbound; yet, trends are showing these methods to be inefficient and expensive, while only tapping 15-25% of the total market.

Ryan shares his insights on how the recruitment process is taking a shift, in favor of inbound recruiting to attract, engage, and hire excellent talent (all while reducing hiring costs). We also talk about how to use AI & Machine Learning to improve your marketing funnels. When it comes to marketing, analyzing data is a key component of successful campaigns - especially when you’re working with a large customer base.

Ryan has worked with AI & machine learning technologies and has seen them influence his own campaigns significantly. But, he's careful not to exaggerate the current capabilities and advises the best is yet to come.