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Feb 17, 2018

WWPass is a global cybersecurity company that provides identity, authentication, and access management (IAM) technology. The company battles data breaches and identity theft with advanced authentication and data storage technology to deliver a user experience as convenient as it is secure.

WWPass serves individuals, small and midsized businesses, as well as enterprises in higher education, e-commerce and other industries that need to provide their customers and employees with superior security and convenience.

Given authentication is heating up with the popularity of biometrics I thought it was time to have a conversation with Perry Chaffee, VP of strategy at authentication company WWPass and makers of password manager PassHub.

In a previous life, Perry was in the Air Force and knows the ramifications of data breaches on personal information firsthand, having his files compromised in the widespread OPM hack.

Perry considers himself a leader, project manager & technical marketer on a mission at Worldwide Pass to battle identify theft & data breaches by arming governments, companies & consumers with advanced authentication & data storage technology to deliver a user experience as convenient as it is secure.

On today's show, Perry discusses how companies can get rid of usernames altogether, as well as recapture revenue instead of leaving it on the table with each customers' "Forgot your password?" abandonment.

We also discuss the current flawed authentication process that companies have in place; and how to improve the systems for media/entertainment, e-commerce & retail, financial and other regulated organizations.