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Sep 13, 2019

Rich Aberman is the co-Founder and CSO at WePay, which is a payments partner to the platform economy. I invited him onto my daily tech podcast to share his background having started WePay as a side project on his way to law school.

In today's interview, Rich offers a little more depth into how WePay started as well as its evolution over the past 11 years, specifically related to the company's acquisition by JP Morgan Chase in a deal valued at $400M.

We tend to hear that financial services are ripe for disruption. But Rich expands on why he thinks that the next disruptor won't be a neobank or an addictive app, but commerce software. We also explore the lessons that he learned from a successful exit and how he guided WePay through multiple pivots, a successful exit and then integration

I also learn how WePay recently launched Same-Day Deposits to offer faster payments to their customers at no additional cost. While other payment processors can take up to 72 hours to complete a payment, as both a bank and a processor, WePay enables same-day deposits.

This will be hugely beneficial, particularly to SMBs that rely on fast payments to keep their business running. This feature will also be unique to Chase, which is the only bank with a fully owned payments business.

The new functionality will help tens of thousands of U.S. small businesses that use platforms like BigCommerce and Xero to get paid faster. It also showcases the combined capabilities of a Silicon Valley financial technology company joining one of the world's largest, most admired financial institutions.