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Mar 28, 2018

I have been able to get you all a sneak of an Adobe sneaks session. This project used AI that analyzes past content (in videos for EX, analyzing everything from people to objects) and it then provides recommendations for future blog content. 

Intelligent Content Insights: Content marketing has been a proven way for brands to attract and retain customers. Compared to traditional marketing methods, it is six times more effective in driving conversion. As competition for eyeballs intensifies, AI and data science will soon play a critical role in driving future success.

With this project, marketers can leverage advanced technology and tap an AI assistant for their content strategy efforts. Take a travel site for instance, where an upcoming video series is planned around Summer vacations. The system will analyze the brand’s existing video library, mapping performance data with a tremendous amount of content attributes such as objects, moods and actions.

Commonalities across high-performing assets are identified, and a recommendation is generated for variables including length, format, people and more.

 A couple notes on the Sneaks program

  • As these are research projects, there is no formal commitment to product roadmap or release dates. However, Adobe has a good track record, and around 60% of projects in Sneaks make it into product.
  • Sneaks, happening day 2 of Adobe Summit, is one of the most popular events at the show. Co-hosted by Leslie Jones this year, it is the biggest unveiling of labs projects for Adobe all year.