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Jun 27, 2018

Henri Pihkala is the CEO and Co-founder of Streamr, the online marketplace for decentralized, real-time data.

Having recently partnered with both Nokia and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Streamr is essentially creating the app store for data streams that categorizes and showcases publicly available data streams on the Streamr Network. Streamr is empowering consumers to take on the multi-billion dollar personal data market, take back data ownership, and profit from assets that are rightfully theirs.

Whether you’re an individual or a large enterprise, you will be able to sell your information on your own terms without anyone taking a cut. If you are a company or a developer looking to buy data to increase the performance and efficiency of your operations, boost knowledge of your customer base, or create unstoppable apps, Streamr will also work in your favor. Essentially,Streamr  is striving to put the ownership of data back in the hands of the individual.

Ex algorithmic trader and serial entrepreneur, prior to Streamr Henri led the development of two high-frequency algorithmic trading platforms.

I invited Henri onto todays tech podcast to talk about Streamr, crypto, blockchain and the future of the data economy.