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Jul 28, 2018

On today's tech podcast, I invited Zvi Guterman, CEO, CloudShare, onto the show to talk about why organizations are falling behind on cybersecurity training.

We discuss why companies may be OVER-training with full cyber warfare scenarios......and unnecessarily losing time.

Organizations can't solve the global cybersecurity crisis overnight, so why do they spend time skilling up warriors to protect the national grid, instead of their own business systems? (unless the grid IS your business...)

Zvi also expands on:

  • How cyber range training can quickly become overkill
  • Why cyber talent development needs a scalpel, not a chainsaw
  • How to train your staff as quickly as possible

About CloudShare

CloudShare helps software organizations grow revenue, increase efficiency and improve quality by making it easy to replicate complex on-premise IT environments in the cloud, with specialized solutions for training, sales enablement, and sandboxing. CloudShare customers include leading software and cybersecurity companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Atlassian, ForgeRock, Sophos, Dell and HP.