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Aug 29, 2016

An obsession with email tools and a desire to escape the East Coast winter were the initial driving forces behind MIT Engineer Michael Grinich’s startup Nylas. After moving west to help out a friend turned into working at Dropbox and Nest he, in 2014, faced the decision between working for another startup darling or venturing out on his own. He scratched the itch that never left him, email, and set out on his own path.

Nylas is built on the idea that email can become the “database of your life” and that we already use email so much, we should find a way to build a better platform, no matter how many startups want to kill it. Using open-source tooling, Nylas allows developers to build an unlimited amount of new features on the platform, and it’s taken off within the developer community; they’ve reached 20,000 stars on GitHub, ranking them 74th across GitHub’s 3.4 million projects.

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