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May 31, 2021

Dr. Shaka Bahadu, Harvard College, Cornell Medical and Stanford grad, who is the is the COO and co-founder of Cipher Skin.

Cipher Skin: Cipher Skin is a data company founded in 2017, built on technology that translates the physical world into actionable insights. Cipher Skin’s patented technology, Cipher Mesh, is a network of sensors that can be printed on any textile and wrapped around anything—a person, a pipe, a bridge. This technology captures gapless data and translates it through proprietary software to provide instantaneous, visualized data and diagnostics.

Because of Cipher Skin’s versatility, there are nearly unlimited applications, from physical therapy and training to continuous monitoring in pipeline management. The brainchild of combat veterans, Cipher Skin has also countless military applications. At its core, however, Cipher Skin melds next-gen hardware and software to help make sense of our complex world.

Having recently scored Series A funding last month, Cipher Skin has found great success working with physical therapists, athletes, and in June 2020, the Department of Defense—in which they were awarded a $1.5M contract working directly with soldiers to further develop its product set and assess range of motion during field training.

Shaka talks about the future of data technology, and its potential for a variety of industries, in addition to his entrepreneurial journey and what led him to start Cipher Skin with his co-founder and CEO, Philip Bogdanovich.