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Dec 27, 2020

Infrastructure for personal data access, storage, and portability. Dataswift liberates the value of personal data. Untethering it from central silos and distributing it to individual Personal Data Accounts. Fully owned, fully accessible, fully permissible.

Irene Ng, leading data privacy expert and CEO of Dataswift, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast. We discuss big tech's responsibility in protecting data privacy and the importance of the ethical data economy. Irene also shares her controversial opinion about why big tech is actually undervalued and why big tech's problem isn't the monetization of data; it's the lack of transparency.

Irene Ng is an entrepreneur, academic and market design economist, Professor of Marketing and Service Systems at WMG, University of Warwick, a Turing Fellow. She is the inventor of personal data accounts (patent pending) for a new asset class of personal data owned by individuals themselves and also the CEO of Irene was also previously named one of the 50 women to watch on the Female FTSE Board Report in 2019 and was called a "Data Guardian" by BBC.