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Oct 28, 2020

Christopher Rigg is an innovative senior leader with extensive experience in the corporate setting as a technology and operations executive and in the consulting setting as a managing partner, delivery partner, and account leader. He is intently focused on leveraging Technology to improve client experiences, increase revenue, and enhance operational efficiency.

Christopher appeared on my radar when I read that he said, "Technology will change. Resources will come and go. But the most important thing is understanding your north star vision and the technologies that are shifting and evolving to help you continue your growth, regardless of the underlying changes."

During Amazon's annual conference, a reporter asked Jeff Bezos what's going to change in the next ten years, and here was his response: "Well, certainly, in 10 years, many things will evolve; Technology will change. Machine-learning Technology, in particular, will evolve very significantly over the 10-year time horizon.

But I would always encourage people, when they think about ten years, to ask the question, what won't change? That's the more important question. You can build strategies around things that will be stable in time. In that 10-year vision, there are a bunch of things at Amazon that are not going to change.

One of them, maybe the most important one, is that we will stay customer-obsessed instead of competitor-obsessed. We will work on maintaining that culture." [Jeff Bezos on Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times]

I wanted to learn more about this and how EKI's #ShiftHappens campaign aims to educate on how businesses can thrive during the ever-increasing digital shift currently underway. I learn more about how they will be producing a series of webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, and social media content regarding the shift that we're all experiencing.