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Jan 31, 2020

Zvi Frank is a serial entrepreneur, former Israeli Air Force pilot and Emmy Award-winning producer who currently serves as the Co-CEO and founder of Copilot, an automated customer experience (CX) management platform for consumer electronics.

He, along with partner and fellow pilot Tsiki Naftaly, developed the aptly named Copilot while working together at Zemingo, Israel’s largest mobile services house, where Frank previously served as the Executive Chairman since 2013.

At Copilot, he drives the overall strategy and vision for the development of the first CX solution exclusively for IoT and connected products. Get a detailed analysis of each user’s behavior to better understand which features they are using.

The platform delivers on the promise of IoT (Internet of Things) by offering manufacturers of connected consumer products and smart home devices the opportunity to automatically engage end-users with meaningful, data-driven, and behavior-based communications. Companies that employ Copilot improve onboarding, reduce product returns, boost product ratings, and open new channels of revenue, giving them a critical advantage that increases overall customer satisfaction and builds Lifetime Value.

Zvi Frank join me on Tech Talks Daily to shares his story as a pilot and Emmy-Award winning producer turned entrepreneur. We discuss everything from his biggest obstacle that he overcame as an entrepreneur to the tech trends in the consumer electronics space that he anticipates we will see in 2020.