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May 29, 2017

Jason Wilk is better known as the AllScreen and Founder, and is currently an active Angel Investor, and Co-Founder Advisor of Mark Cuban-backed WriteyBoard.

But today, I invited him onto the show to talk about his brand new FinTech app Called Dave! The app helps millennials by predicting future expenses and preventing negative balances with a unique spin on borrowing money.

Dave exists because its creators think it's fundamentally wrong to kick people when they're down. A coffee should not end up costing you $38 after overdraft and bank fees.

Upon connecting any checking account, Dave instantly analyzes trends from an individual's bank history and displays their '7 Day Low', a number which represents the lowest Dave forecasts your account balance will get in the next week. It's like a weather report for your checking account. If your '7 Day Low' dips below $0, Dave notifies you to take action.

"We invented this new type of account balance because a current balance just doesn't mean anything if your Netflix bill is due tomorrow and your rent check is going to be cashed tonight." says Dave CEO Jason Wilk, who is working with Mark Cuban on their 3rd company together.