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Aug 29, 2022

Video chat doesn't work as well for large groups or social situations. By letting participants move around the space and collaborate with others, GroupRoom gives individuals their freedom back. Three people on one side of the room can have a group conversation with a whiteboard or google doc etc completely separate from a group of two people on the other side.

Chris Matthieu, founder & CEO of XRPA.NET, and Chris Fleck, Vice President and Technical Fellow at Citrix Systems, join Neil C. Hughes in a conversation about digital hybrid workspaces. We also discuss how businesses can leverage technology to re-enable those moments of serendipity in the workplace that are the lifeblood of every organization.

About Chris Matthieu

Chris Matthieu is the founder & CEO of XRPA.NET inc., a metaverse company. We build and market spatially-aware alternative communications platforms including: (2D digital twin virtual offices for digital hybrid workplaces) (3D metaverse platform allowing users to build, explore, and host their own metaverses). Prior to XRPANET, Chris co-founded Computes Inc. (a decentralized supercomputing platform company) which was acquired by MagicLeap and co-founded Octoblu Inc. (an enterprise IoT platform company) which was acquired by Citrix.

About Chris
Chris Fleck is Vice President and Technical Fellow at Citrix Systems. In this role he is responsible for Emerging Technology, IP, and driving innovation. Previously, Mr. Fleck was CEO and a founder of 14 South Networks, an IBM Spin-off and pioneer in the application of Blade Technology for the IT industry. He was a NYS Licensed Professional Engineer and has twelve patents issued, he graduated from NYU Poly and has an MBA from Union College