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Apr 28, 2020

The human-machine relationship is evolving. Up until now, our relationship with technology has been primarily command-based for utilitarian purposes. With today's advancing artificial intelligence, that's all about to change. Now more than ever, people want products that are personalized and easy to use, fully understand them, and anticipate their needs.

Unlike digital assistants, digital companion agents provide much more than just a voice user interface – social AI entities that proactively interact with each user. They interpret a myriad of sensory data to understand the context of their user and environment that create effective, empathetic experiences that drive the desired outcomes from your product.

Intuition Robotics enables the creation of relationships between humans and machines that influence behaviors and emotions through digital companion agents, powered by the company's cognitive AI engine, Q. The company offers Q to 3rd parties, starting with automakers, to transform their products into dynamic, white-labeled digital companions. Q also powers ElliQ, the company's internal product aimed at improving the lives of older adults. They have recently secured a $36M funding round to further the development of the Q platform.

Intuition Robotics was also named one of Fast Company's most innovative companies for 2020. I invited, Dor Skuler - CEO, Co-Founder of Intuition Robotics onto Tech Talks Daily. We discuss building digital companions that create a relationship between humans and machines.

I also learn more about the story of how they created ElliQ - the sidekick for happier aging which improves the lives of older adults.