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Jul 29, 2021

Erik Fogg is the co-Founder, and Chief Operating Officer at ProdPerfect joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast to share his startup stories and discuss how AI in testing is changing software development.

Software development, especially testing, is terrible at using data. It relies too heavily on "human smarts." We can do better. Our own mindsets can explore the art of the possible, what's been done before, and what we have to accept, hold us back from being able to improve the business processes we're responsible for (and ourselves)

Corporations are, unfortunately, the best systems we have right now to help humans flourish (the education system is too calcified and slow to adapt). However, by crafting deliberate cultures around learning and growth, we can turn corporations into little utopias where our people thrive.

Machine Learning is coming for parts of all of our jobs. We should embrace it and accelerate its adoption to help humans spend their time doing what they're great at and what they love. Erik shares how ProdPerfect has been successful because they were first-time founders and very stubborn. He shares how they broke a lot of rules that they didn't even know they were breaking. Erik also expands on why he believes founders need to have nerves of steel to hold the line and do the right thing.

About Erik Fogg

Erik Fogg is the co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ProdPerfect, fixing E2E software testing with Machine Learning and good operational design. In addition, ProdPerfect automatically builds and maintains E2E test automation by analyzing user journeys on web applications.

Erik graduated from MIT with a bachelors and master's of science in Mechanical Engineering, and prior to ProdPerfect fixed and led operations in factories, mines, refineries, and hardware startups.