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Jun 27, 2020

TrustArc has a reputation for leading the wave of innovation, transforming privacy compliance and risk management. They helped start the industry in 1997 with industry-leading privacy certifications to build consumer trust across websites, mobile apps, and the cloud.

The company also pioneered using SaaS technology starting in 2010 to operationalize privacy management for consent, privacy assessments, data inventory, and much more. They introduced privacy intelligence into their Platform in 2018 to simplify compliance management for the GDPR, CCPA, and hundreds of other global regulations.

Hilary Wandall is SVP Privacy Intelligence and General Counsel of TrustArc Inc. She leads the TrustArc Privacy Intelligence, Research, Legal, Regulatory Affairs and Policy, and Business Development teams to design and develop the company’s privacy frameworks and Knowledge, Intelligence, and Assurance Products. She also serves as Corporate Secretary of TrustArc.

Hilary joins me on Tech Talks Daily to discuss the implications of contact tracing, and the slippery slope leading to government surveillance. We also talk about the impact of telehealth on data privacy rules such as HIPAA.

We explore the impact of remote work on data privacy as workers handle consumer data on personal devices. I ask the question, does your employer have the right to access your health information if you contract the virus, or are they even responsible for knowing if you have tested positive or negative?

Finally, I learn more about the expectations for enforcement for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) beginning July.